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With The Postage, you can now easily create & manage your:

  • Photos & memories
  • Future notes to your families
  • Will & legacy plan
  • Final wishes
  • Vital documents & passwords
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How Can The Postage Help Me?

Wrapping the final affairs of a loved one is difficult and taxing. The Postage is a holistic solution for planning your legacy as simply as possible. With The Postage, you take control over how you store and access your information now and in the future.

How The Postage Works

The Postage has created a platform that allows you to reclaim control of your time and legacy. We offer a secure online portal to proactively plan your future with confidence. We offer a suite of life planning products including our online will builder and wishes, messages and memories, and a digital vault for secure storage, password management, funeral planning, and more.

  1. 1

    Select a plan

    Choose the plan that's right for you. The Postage offers a plan that fits everyone’s needs.

  2. 2

    Build your complete will in minutes

    Create your will-based estate plan and complete your wishes to ensure your kids and family are covered.

  3. 3

    Create your messages and memories

    Create messages and integrate your memories that can be shared for generations to come.

  4. 4

    Share your plans

    Invite family members and trusted professionals to securely view your plans now or in the future.

A crucial aspect of The Postage is assigning delegates who can view your documents and messages after your death is confirmed. Not only do you control who sees your information, but you control how much each person can see.

Life Planning Made Easy

Wrapping up the affairs of a loved one is costly. On average, you can expect to spend:

  • 500+ hours to complete end-of-life details
  • $8,500 to handle after-death care
  • $6,500 for estate planning and legal services

That is time, money, and energy your family should spend grieving and commemorating. – not dealing with paperwork.

  • will

    Will Maker

    Create, store, and share your will

  • The Postage Icons Color MyDocuments

    Document Storage

    Store and share sensitive information and data

  • financial docs

    Financial Planning

    Assemble all pertinent assets and records

  • last wishes

    Last Wishes

    Declare your intentions for your finals days

  • security


    Collect your logins and account details

  • estate docs

    Estate Planning

    Organize your estate and last will and testament

  • life celebrate

    Funeral Planning

    Create the celebration or service you want

  • social person

    Social Media

    Give clear instructions about your digital legacy

  • letters

    Message Planning

    Send timely notes to your family after you’re gone

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Guaranteed Data Privacy and Security

Data security is a serious issue. The Postage guarantees protection over your personal documents and sensitive information by using today’s industry-leading cybersecurity measures and fraud protection practices such as encryption, 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and more. Anything you upload will be protected by our privacy protection guarantee.

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Designed with Your Last Wishes and Your Family in Mind

The Postage’s Resource Center contains helpful tips and checklists on life planning, records organization, and end-of-life preparation. With this information, you and your family will be more prepared and less stressed for when you pass away.

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