Heirlooms to Leave Your Loved Ones

December 5, 2022   -   , ,

The holidays are right around the corner. It’s the time when families get together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Those memories can be represented in heirlooms that could one day be passed on to your loved ones. They can come in many shapes and sizes and are a reminder of special moments with loved ones in your life. 

Here are a couple of ideas of heirlooms that you can share with your loved ones.

1) Recipes

Recipes aren’t just instructions on how to prepare a certain dish. They’re great reminders of the memories that have been made in the kitchen. As you make plans this time of year to gather with family and loved ones, take a moment to write out a couple of family favorite recipes or record a video tutorial of you making them so that they can be enjoyed by your family for generations to come. 

2) Photos and Home Movies

There’s no better way to capture memories than through photos and home movies. Thanks to today’s technology, it has never been easier to take photos and videos of special moments with loved ones. Technology has also made it easier to store photographs. You can scan and digitize them to save them on your computer, on a storage device, or in the cloud. Not only do digital photos take up less space, but digitizing them is also a safer way to store them.

3) Letters and Messages

Writing letters to your loved ones is a great way to pass on your thoughts, memories, and everything in between. They can be something you can give to them now, but can also be left behind for the day you will no longer be with them to pass on your message. You can prepare messages for the future, like advice and letters for special life moments. You can also leave birthday messages and congratulations on big life achievements, like graduations and marriage.

4) Jewelry

When you pass on jewelry to loved ones, you aren’t only passing on something valuable but also something that holds personal memories and stories. The jewelry you pass on can be anything from rings and necklaces to earrings and brooches.

5) Collectibles

A collection can be something great to pass on to a loved one. From baseball cards and coins to records and art pieces, a collection can hold great memories of the time spent gathering items over the years. Passing a collection on could also inspire to add on to the collection that could even one day become valuable.

Passing on Your Heirlooms

Heirlooms are a great way to connect past generations with future generations. It’s important to determine which heirlooms you would like to pass on and how your loved ones will receive them once you are gone. You can appoint someone to take care of giving out the heirlooms and also state in your will who will receive each heirloom.

Take the time now to decide what heirlooms you would like to pass on and begin to gather them for your loved ones. The Postage’s online will maker makes it easy to securely catalog the heirlooms you would like to pass on and appoint who will receive them.

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