Legacy Organization: How to Easily Save Your Documents Digitally

January 21, 2023   -   ,

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Science has cured thousands of diseases, technology has connected us through space and time with streams of quantum particles, and art and literature have revealed new ways of thinking and being that were in every sense unimaginable even five years ago. We have conquered challenges of energy and synergy that were mathematically incalculable for nearly all of human history, and we are living longer now than our ancestors painting the walls of caves could have experienced, even if they were granted two lifetimes.

And yet, for all our progress, you still can’t take it with you. 

At some point, we are passing the future off to others, and as much as we don’t want to think about it, legacy organization is one of the most important gifts and duties we have to give the loved ones we will leave behind. 

Our data is our echo and thumbprint, and today, we are capable of transmitting more of ourselves to future generations than ever before. How we organize and store our digital content is key to stretching our legacy beyond our lifetime to provide a future of security and stability for the people we cherish most. 

The Scope of the Project

When we consider our digital legacy, It’s important to look at some big numbers to understand the scope of what we can preserve. Every day, humanity creates about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. If you’re reading this online it means you’re a typical internet user, so you’re responsible for producing about 147,000 MB of it. That’s counting every email, tweet, post, video, and every little bit of digital flotsam you scatter wandering around the internet that’s picked up by bots and online scavengers. 

For comparison, the human brain is estimated to have a storage capacity of 2.5 million gigabytes. That means the average person is going to produce nearly twice the amount of raw data that their brain is capable of containing over the course of their life. 

A hundred years ago your great-grandparents could probably fit all their photos and keepsakes in a shoebox, but today there are servers out there that can easily hold the equivalent of thousands of people’s minds. It’s literally unimaginable how much information can be stored, and the day may come where we can actually download a copy of ourselves into a digital vault for posterity.

Forget the Tiffany cufflinks. You’ll be leaving the kids a copy of yourself. 

What to Keep Today

Obviously we’re a long way off from plugging our minds into the Matrix, but nevertheless, digital legacy organization means we can preserve a great deal more—and in much more secure conditions—than we could in the past. There are whole categories of information that never existed 30 years that are now important components of legacy organization. Social media accounts, digital photos and videos, audio recordings, emails, and all sorts of documents and online products are all valued and cherished memories worth preserving for family and friends. 

At the same time, the basics for end-of-life planning need to be there too, and The Postage is dedicated to providing comprehensive document creation and storage for your legacy portfolio. Our convenient, full-service platform allows you to keep all of your critical information and wisdom secure and protected in one place. 

We’ve helped thousands of families organize and secure their plans and memories, and we’ve put together a list of digital documents you will need to include as you formalize your legacy organization. 

Will Creation and Storage

The basics never change, and we’re making will creation quick, easy, and 100% legal and executable online. We can guide you every step of the way from securing your assets to a comprehensive wish guide. It’s safe, clear, and offers you the flexibility you need as life develops from year to year. 

Memories and Messages

Messages are profoundly meaningful parts of legacy organization. They connect your loved ones with your spirit and your ideals, and transfer your knowledge to future generations.

The Postage will help you capture a lifetime of memories so your family can privately and securely connect with you any time they need to hear your voice again. 

Additionally, you can compose emails and messages that can be delivered in the future at a time of your choosing. For instance, if you have a special message or wisdom you want to share with a grandchild to accompany a college fund when the time is right, The Postage can prepare and schedule everything so you can have the peace of mind it will be taken care of. 

Digital Vault

Our digital vault is an online safety deposit box for all the important digital content you need to ensure your loved ones can access in the future. You can keep all your scans, pictures, videos, financial information, passwords, personal writing, and all the other important documents and files in your legacy constellation.

Get Started on Your Legacy Organization 

Life is uncertain, but life planning doesn’t have to be hard. The Postage makes it simple and secure to protect your wealth and wisdom now and for the next generation. Visit us today to get started on your legacy organization.