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August 10, 2022   -  

SXSW PanelPicker The Postage Building Products That Care

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Til Death Tech Do Part: Building Products That Care

Nobody likes to talk about money or death with their family. This talk will address those issues. Approximately US$30T is passing from baby boomers to millennials over the next decade. Talking about death is difficult enough; insert the complexity of our relationship with money and it becomes absolutely painful. Financial institutions (FIs) pride themselves on their relationships with their customers, yet shy away from hard topics, due to risk, legal restrictions, or just being uncomfortable. But what they are missing is that they have the opportunity to build deeper relationships by creating deeply personal experiences through technology. Technology that uses empathy to bring together families and empowers them to navigate and overcome life’s hardest challenges, such as money and death.


Emily Cisek, CEO, The Postage
Jason Henrichs, CEO, Alloy Labs
Carl Kessler, CIO, Civista Bank
Amber Buker, CEO, Totem

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Voting ended August 21, 2022