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Go Beyond Transactional Relationships

When your bank partners with The Postage, it benefits both your most successful customers and those who are seeking expert guidance as they begin to accumulate wealth to pass on to future generations. We help you create deeply personal experiences that make longer-term financial security more accessible and equitable for all.

Empower your organization with disruptive digital banking. Build stronger bonds focused on family connections and have a positive impact while driving real value that supports your bottom line.

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Enhance Digital Banking Without Being Technical

Drive engagement with banking customers and achieve your strategic goals without core integrations or high implementation risks.

Become the Go-to Bank for Customers Who Look Ahead

Despite the importance of legacy and estate planning, only 40% of 250 million adults in the US prepare for transferring assets due to the time-consuming and cost-prohibitive process. Despite this oversight, in the next decade, an estimated US$30 trillion in capital will pass from the baby boomer generation to millennials.  

That’s where you—and we—come in: your bank can capture current and future wealth by making simple and accessible what shouldn’t have been complicated in the first place.

The Postage’s proprietary platform guides your customers through everything they need to keep their legacy and family organized. By providing access to our features, your financial institution can:

Disruptive Digital Banking The Postage

Give Your Bank an Edge

Few banks offer legacy and estate planning and even fewer succeed in building personal, authentic, and long-lasting relationships with valued customers. The Postage’s strong focus on personal and family financial wellness elevates your financial institution above the rest.

  • Differentiate your services with disruptive digital banking
  • Reduce churn rates & increase customer lifetime value
  • Engage banking customers by empowering them to take control of their future

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Be the Financial Guide Your Clients Deserve

The Postage is revolutionizing the landscape of estate and life planning so your banking services can deliver greater security to your most important customers and their families, generation after generation.
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