Protect Your Family With Simple Estate Planning

Gain Access to Essential Estate Planning Services

With the estate planning services from The Postage, you’ll unlock:

  • A simple way to create your last will and testament
  • A place where you can record and store your wishes for life
  • The ability to assign delegates to receive documents now or after you die

Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning describes the preparations you make for your life and responsibilities, including:

  • Minor children or dependent adults
  • Possessions (personal property)
  • Finances (both assets and debts)
  • Digital estate (social media and online accounts)
  • End-of-life medical choices (medical care, resuscitation, funeral planning)


The Postage Simplifies Your Estate Planning

Our digital guide walks you through step-by-step to understand what documents you need to prepare. Rest assured that with The Postage, your estate will be in good hands when the time comes.

1. We Help You Assemble the Necessary Documents

We’ll help you kickstart the estate planning process by gathering essential paperwork into one, secure location.

Such documents include but aren’t limited to:

  • Last will and testament
  • Finances
  • Insurance
  • Marriage license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Passwords
  • Social media accounts

2. We Talk About Health-Related Decisions

The Postage will help empower you to make these decisions about your life – no one else. We’ll make this process as pain-free as possible to assemble, assign, and deliver these documents to your delegates.

Documents such as:

  • DNR document(s)
  • Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment document
  • After-death preferences

3. We Help Deliver These Documents to Your Assigned Delegates

With The Postage, you can select trusted people in your life to receive clear instructions on what they need to do nearing or just after your death.

These people we help inform can include your:

  • Executor
  • Health care proxies
  • Durable power of attorney

We'll get you the help you need

We want you to succeed at your estate planning, so The Postage is happy to offer:

  • Guides & resources to help guide your estate plans
  • Quick and responsive customer support
  • Qualified attorneys to help you with your will & estate plan questions

5. Update your documents anytime you’d like

Update your will and plans as your life changes to make sure your most precious wishes are captured and are safe for when the time comes for them to be delivered. The Postage make it convenient  to adjust to your documents, for life changes such as:

  • Purchase a new property
  • Purchase a new car
  • Take on new debt
  • Find yourself with more or less income
  • Change your mind about after-death wishes
  • Replace or add beneficiaries


Simple Estate Planning and So Much More!

The Postage provides you with the document storage capabilities you need, critical resources you want to help you organize your affairs, and an ultra-convenient communications platform where you can create personal messages for your family and friends.

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