Leave Personal and Posthumous Messages for Your Loved Ones

With The Postage, you gain access to a platform that:

  • Keeps your messages safe until the end of your life
  • Delivers them to your loved ones after you’re gone
  • Gives you control over what you say and when you said it

Prepare Private Messages to Send to Your Family and Friends

Death can create lots of unresolved feelings and emotions for your loved ones as they grieve. The Postage helps you better prepare for the future today. We help you leave no stone unturned, ensuring that if anything should happen to you, you can say what you’ve always wanted to even if you didn’t get the time to say it.

With The Postage platform, you can:

  • Write email messages to your dearest loved ones and friends
  • Save them in our data-encrypted platform
  • Store them there until the time comes.

When you pass, the system will begin sending messages to your friends and family members according to the schedule you create.


1. Determine Whom You’ll Send Messages To

Not everyone wants to talk about death — much less prepare messages to send people after you’re gone. However, these messages are less about you and more about the people who read them. So, determining whom you’ll send your last words to is just as important as the words themselves.

When you write post-mortem messages, those very people grieving your loss will remember just how precious life is — and to appreciate and celebrate it every day!

The receiver can be anyone, but we suggest starting with:

  • Your parent(s)
  • Your children
  • Your siblings
  • Your best friend(s)
  • Your spouse/significant other
  • Your family members

2. Write Emails and to Your Friends and Loved Ones

Now, it’s time to craft your messages. This is the chance to share what you’ve always wanted to say and to deliver some much-needed support to your loved ones. You can send whatever you want:

  • A heartfelt letter of condolence to offer love and support
  • A link to a nostalgic video of yours
  • Your favorite photo of you and your loved one
  • Important instructions about your estate
  • A secret social media account
  • Even grandma’s coveted meatloaf recipe!

Whatever you share, it will always be safe, secure, and private on The Postage site — even we won’t know what you upload. We use industry-leading security measures to ensure your private messages are secured:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Zero-knowledge protocols

3. Determine When You’ll Send Them

Timing is everything, so determining when you want your letters to go out is really important. After you pass, the delegate you’ve assigned will let The Postage know you’ve passed away. We’ll then begin letting your loved ones, friends, and associates know that you’ve sent them a message.

A few important dates of ours include:

  • Your own funeral
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays like Valentine’s Day
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Births

4. Keep Your Messages Updated

As time goes on, what you want to say to your loved ones may change. The Postage allows you to edit, re-upload, or remove any message you want. Whether you want to scrap the message entirely or tweak a paragraph or two, you have free rein. You are in charge of the messages you send.

The Postage Helps with Your Planning Needs

At The Postage, we do much more than send messages — we help you plan for the future, today! Whether that’s organizing your estate, planning your funeral, or having a secure place to store your current passwords, The Postage helps put you in control of life before and after you’re gone.

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