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Go Beyond the Traditional Employee & Customer Benefits

Only 40% of 250 million adults in the US have a legacy and estate plan due to the time-consuming and cost prohibitive process. However, 72% of employees would be interested in estate planning services if employers offered it.

The Postage’s proprietary platform guides both clients and employees through everything they need to keep their legacy and family organized. By providing access to our features, your company can:

  • Create value for employees and clients
  • Connect with entire families beyond the typical transaction through storing digital memories & assets
  • Increase employee & digital engagement

Employees and customers alike want to feel like the futures for themselves and their family are being valued. Help them receive benefits that will last a lifetime.

Make Your Company Stand Out

Only 12% of employers provide life and estate planning services. With The Postage’s heightened focus on personal, family, and financial wellness, we can help your company be one step ahead of the rest.

The Postage is about providing peace of mind as you create life plans for both yourself and your family. Discover how you can give your customers and employees the ability to take control of their future.

Provide the Care That They Deserve

We’re helping transform the landscape of estate and legacy planning for customers, employees, and their families. Find out how your company can bring The Postage to those who want to reclaim control of their time and future.