Secure Your Family's Legacy & Memories

The Postage provides you a reliable platform to organize your life & prepare your legacy. You can easily secure your:

The Postage Legacy Planner

The Postage is an online portal that helps you organize the details of your life & legacy. With The Postage you can:

  • Create & share your will
  • Record your estate plans
  • Leave notes & pictures
  • Organize & store documents
  • Manage your passwords
  • Plan for your funeral
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Feautures to Kickstart Your Legacy Planning

The Postage Icons MyDelegates
Assign Delegates Take a couple of minutes to decide who will serve as the delegates to your account. These trusted individuals will receive access to your account upon your passing and ensure your wishes are carried out. The Postage is not legally binding, so be sure to assign the necessary and relevant people in your will.
The Postage Icons Email
Create Messages Compose emails that your loved ones will receive after you pass away. You can schedule messages days, months, and years into the future. Draft notes about your death announcement or for special events, such as:
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Births
estate docs
Organize Your Life Keep all of your important files organized and easily accessible. Our guided platform helps you determine the information that’ll be most beneficial to you in an emergency, such as:
  • Vital Records
  • Family Keepsakes
  • Financial Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Legal Documents
social person
Store Your Passwords Collect all of your passwords in a single location. You’ll never have to remember more than one password or worry about data breaches. Only you can dictate who has access to credentials like:
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Banking Accounts
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Home Service Accounts
  • Subscription Accounts
last wishes
Record Your Plans & Final Wishes Stay in control of your legacy by recording and sharing your estate plans, funeral plans, and final wishes with your loved ones. Planning these details gifts your loved one’s time for grieving and making sure your wishes are carried out.

Legacy Planning Made Simple

The Postage delivers comprehensive planning and preparation services that put you in control of your information and privacy. Gain peace of mind as you securely plan for yourself and your family’s future.

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