Protect Your Family with Our Personalized Online Texas Will Maker

Take control of your legacy with The Postage's fully customizable last will and testament maker, with plans starting at $75

Make a Fully Legal Texas Will in Minutes Online

$75 for individuals, $125 for couples

In the past, creating a will has always been associated with significant time, complex legal jargon and fees. The Postage simplifies the will-making process. Our fully executable online will builder helps you take control of your legacy and secure your assets for family members and loved ones.

  • 100% legal, fully executable will
  • 10 minutes from start to finish
  • Unlimited updates for life with a subscription
  • Encrypted software ensures your will is secure
  • Freedom to notarize it when you want
  • Attorney consultations available
  • Protects your digital legacy
  • Includes guardian for children

How Our Do-It-Yourself Texas Will Maker Works

Only a few steps separate you from your last will and testament. Once completed, you can download your will and get it notarized when you’re ready. And when life happens, you have the freedom to update your will whenever you want, for life.

Tell Us About Yourself We’ll help you answer questions that are necessary to build your will correctly, including spouses, dependents, and more.
Name Your Executor and Beneficiaries Once you have filled out your personal information, we’ll help you name the executor of your estate, along with the beneficiaries, or who will receive your assets. If you have dependents, here is where you’ll state their guardian(s) should you pass away before they become adults.
Outline Your Assets, Property, and Debts After determining who will carry out your will and who will take over your legacy when you’re gone, the final step in the will-building process is to detail your assets, property, and debts, which we’ll guide you through.
Review Your Will Once complete, you have the option to review your will and make any changes necessary before we automatically save it to your Postage account and make it available for you to download and print.
Download and Share Your Document Congratulations! You now have your last will and testament ready to be shared and notarized (AKA become legally binding) at your convenience. We automatically upload a digital copy of your will to your Postage account, where you can add detailed notes to ensure your loved ones can access the original copy. To make the will legally binding, download it, print it out, and get it notarized. Once notarized, you can store a hard copy in your safe or in a folder.
Update Your Will Whenever You Want Life happens, and circumstances change. When they do, pick up your will where you left off and update it whenever you want. Download it again and upload a notarized version to your account. We recommend reviewing your will once a year to ensure it reflects any recent life changes.

Online Estate Planning Made Simple

With our comprehensive digital estate planning guide, The Postage gives you total control over your legacy. For as low as $3.99/month, will customers receive our step-by-step digital guide that helps you manage:

  • Your estate plan & legacy
  • Storing & sharing your critical documents
  • Your account & device passwords
  • Writing emails now for delivery later
  • Your funeral plans

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, you can add a pet in your will by listing them in the specific gifts section of your will.

Yes. Our will service is available to individuals who reside in Texas.

At this time, our wills are only available to those who live in Texas, but you can add your name to our online will maker waitlist to be the first to find out when we launch in your state!

Everyone needs a will! No matter age or income, a will is essential for the transfer of your assets and puts you in control of electing an executor and the guardian of your children and pets.

For your will, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Basic Information about yourself and your family
  • The name of the individual(s) that you will name as Executor, Beneficiary, and Guardian
  • Information about your assets

To download a copy of your will, log in to your account, go to my plans, and head over to the will and testament section of your account.

It will take as little as 10 minutes to complete your document. We’ve simplified our will into three easy sections that makes it simple for you to create a legally valid will.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your completed documents and your overall experience, please contact us to request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

For attorney support purchases, please contact us within 7 days of your purchase or before a meeting with your attorney has taken place.

To request a refund, please contact us at, with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Date of purchase
  • A detailed reason for requesting your return