Our Commitment to Your Privacy and Security

The Postage changes how you plan for the future by delivering the comfort, security, and control you deserve over your life and information. With our reliable systems on your side, you can trust that your most important data and documents are kept safe.


Enjoy Peace of Mind About Your Data Security and Privacy

Changing how you plan for the future involves changing the conversation about authentic data security and safety. The Postage earns your trust by delivering the following:

You will feel safe with industry-leading technology solutions and fraud protection practices used at The Postage:

  • Encryption for all passwords and credentials
  • 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Background checks for all employees
  • Proprietary cybersecurity system splits customer data into separate buckets so no one can tie together user information
  • Server-side rendering which eliminates the risks associated with client-side technologies
  • Your data is always hosted and secured in the United States

We Earn Your Trust by Protecting Your Privacy

Ensuring your trust in our data security measures guides everything we do, so we provide the following guarantees about our platform.

  • No one will know you have an account on The Postage unless you invite or refer someone specifically.
  • Any recommendations for products and services you see come from behavioral data, not third-parties accessing your information. 
  • You are in charge of your documents, planning, messaging, and affairs. No one at the Postage can see them, much less interact with them.
  • Only delegates you approve can see your profile – and even then, only what you approve. No one can talk to The Postage about you without your express permission.

You can learn more about these and other protections in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Secure Data Puts You in Control and Removes Fraud Threats

According to a 2019 Pew Research Center study, a majority of Americans have severe misgivings about data privacy. Over 60% believe it’s impossible to go through daily life without their data being tracked and collected by both private companies and the government. An even greater percentage is concerned about how that data will be used once collected. 

The Postage addresses those concerns by centering our services specifically around what you want to do.

  • You decide who has access to your information. These people are known as your “delegates.”
  • You decide when a given delegate will receive access to your information. This can change per delegate.
  • You decide what information you put into the platform.
  • If you are uncomfortable with doing certain actions, The Postage will help you solve the situation in a way you are comfortable with. 

These measures specifically prevent fraud because no one can get into your account unless you give them permission.

Data Security That Puts You First

The Postage provides efficient planning and data storage services that make your life easier, complete with trustworthy safety measures that protect your information. With you in charge of what happens to your information and who can see it, you will feel more confident about creating comprehensive end-of-life and after-death plans that represent your wishes and desires.