Yahdav & Hanlon Announces Partnership With The Postage To Normalize The Conversation Around Death And Loss

December 28, 2020   -  

Grief support specialists will work with The Postage to help families approach the topic of death from different angles

HOUSTON (Dec. 14, 2020) The Postage, a full-service digital platform for after-death planning, and Yahdav & Hanlon, an individual and corporate grief support team, announced today its partnership to help families navigate difficult conversations regarding death and empowering them to be prepared emotionally and formally through organized documentation.

This partnership will offer a full range of support to individuals and their families throughout challenging times and disrupt the way people approach death. Yahdav & Hanlon’s Grief Support provides the training and guidance to evaluate current grief and loss protocols, discover and address any gaps and implement a robust system to make times of loss easier for all parties. Both organizations take a tailored and unique approach to the individual. The partnership will provide a means that increases productivity, engages customers in workplace and personal life after a loss, and helps organize affairs to enable patrons to take control of their own legacy.

“We are passionate about normalizing the conversation around death and loss, so when the opportunity to partner with an organization like The Postage came about, we were ecstatic,” said Ilana Yahdav, Co-Founder and Owner of Yahdav & Hanlon. “Both of our organizations approach the topic of death through different lenses – our perspective is through the emotion and grief aspect, while The Postage focuses on the logistical side of things – both are important and incredibly intertwined.”

Yahdav & Hanlon and The Postage understand processing emotions helps to gracefully handle logistical matters and that being proactive with one’s affairs alleviates some unnecessary stress of navigating grief following a loss.

“Death is not contagious. Having these conversations can be the biggest gift you give your loved ones,” said Emily Cisek, CEO and Co-Founder of The Postage. “Having a realistic outlook on death can not only provide aid during the grieving process but can also encourage people to be proactive when planning for the beyond. We are very excited to be partnering with Yahdav & Hanlon to normalize the taboo that currently surrounds dying and activate conversations about it at every stage.”

The partnership officially launched in December of 2020 and will be ongoing. The Postage will work closely with Yahdav & Hanlon to provide logistical solutions for those who have experienced loss and are looking for new direction when maneuvering through the inevitable for themselves or another loved one.

About The Postage:

The Postage is a convenient, full-service digital platform that helps collect information and digital assets in one place, so family and loved ones can better manage affairs after death. The cutting-edge technology provides control, security, and flexibility of information in a way that honors wishes and makes managing the aftermath of life simpler. Features include document storage and organization, password management and control, funeral and last wishes planning and communication stream creation allowing for after-life messages.
The Postage is founded by Emily Cisek and is headquartered in Houston, TX. For more information please visit, thepostage.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Yahdav & Hanlon:

Ilana Shapiro Yahdav and Kim Hanlon work together and use their passion to help fill the gaps many company wellnesses have when supporting employees for loss and life changes. Using a variety of tools, the duo tailors to a company’s needs by evaluating current grief and loss protocols and then creates a system to make times of loss easier for all parties.
Both Ilana and Kim have personal experience in navigating a major loss in a corporate environment which helps to inspire their work as Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialists.
For more information about Yahdav & Hanlon and how they help to navigate a major loss in a corporate setting, visit their website https://www.yahdavhanlon.com/ and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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