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The Postage helps organize your information and assists with life and after-death preparation. Change the way you plan for the future.

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How Can The Postage Help Me?

The appeal is simple: our service gives you control over how you store and access your information both now and in the future. We also help change the conversation about death so people can talk about it with clear-eyed compassion.

How The Postage Works

The Postage is a secure online portal that you can use to collect your personal information now and also proactively prepare for death with confidence. You and your loved ones will enjoy peace of mind instead of being overwhelmed with caring for after-life details.

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    Create Your Profile

    Explore the benefits of our platform

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    Organize Your Information

    Prepare your data, documents, and messaging

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    Talk to Your Family

    Have important conversations with your loved ones

A crucial aspect of The Postage experience is assigning delegates who can only view things after your death is confirmed. Not only do you control who sees your information, but you control how much each person can see. Protecting your information is our top priority.

End of Life Planning with Our Full Service Platform

When someone dies, their family can expect to spend:

  • More than 500 hours to complete end-of-life details
  • $8,500 on average to handle after-death care
  • $6,500 on average for estate planning and legal services

That is time, money, and effort the family should spend grieving – not dealing with paperwork.

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The Postage Commitment to Data Security

We understand that people get nervous about uploading personal documents and sensitive information to an online platform. The Postage is dedicated to providing its customers with comfort and certainty, which is why we’ve invested in the highest quality cybersecurity measures. Anything you enter into your personal profile will be protected by our privacy protection guarantee.

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Designed with Your Last Wishes and Your Family in Mind

The Postage Resource Center contains helpful tips and checklists about life planning, records organization, and end-of-life preparation. With this information in hand, you can reduce the stress you and your family experience when you do pass away.

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