You Can Now Invest in The Postage!

November 4, 2021   -  

We’re pleased to announce that our crowdfunding campaign is now live on MicroVentures! We invite you to help The Postage on our mission to make holistic legacy planning simple for all.

The Challenge

It’s no surprise. Dealing with death is difficult from all sides of the spectrum. There’s the potential burden of anxiety, panic, and fear of the unknown or being forgotten. Then there’s the strain on our loved ones as they face heartbreak and grief; all while dealing with the realities of death’s aftermath: probate, paperwork, account recovery, and tough moral questions such as:

  1. How would they like me to honor their memory?
  2. What kind of memorial service would they want?
  3. Am I making the right decisions for them?

To make matters worse, our society has often framed death as a taboo topic that we should avoid. This avoidance can cause many people to put off planning until it’s too late – adding more weight to a naturally challenging process.

How The Postage is Making a Difference

We started The Postage with the purpose of bringing families together to plan for their life and legacy. The end-of-life is something we’ll all have to face, both directly and indirectly. We believe that encouraging families to come together, talk, and plan, not only brings them closer together, but helps them recognize that each day, moment, and conversation is a gift.

Over the last year, we’ve built The Postage to be a leading holistic legacy planning software where you can:

  • Secure important files
  • Store passwords to shared & private accounts
  • Record your health preferences, estate & funeral plans
  • Make plans for family heirlooms
  • Protect precious memories such as pictures, videos, and voicemails

Most importantly, we’ve integrated our platform with top security measures to provide peace of mind that your items are secure, private, and ready to share with loved ones on your terms.

Invest in Simple & Affordable Estate Planning

Crowdfunding presents the opportunity for community members to invest in our mission, who may not typically be able to. And for as little as $100, you can invest in The Postage and become a part of our story & legacy.

Since launch, we’ve grown our user base and offerings to include features such as our online will-maker, which is now available in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Your investment will help us to launch our will-maker in all 50 states, extend our estate planning offerings, and continue to build out our platform to make life planning easier for all.

If you’re interested in participating or learning more about our crowdfunding campaign, click the link below to view our MicroVentures campaign page.

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